What Do We Do?

Team Approach

A&J Majestic Care uses team approach to start services. You, your nurses, Doctor and/or discharge planner are the initial team. Talk with them about what types of services you require.

A&J Majestic Care nurse can also be a good source for advice about determining services and how to proceed.


A nurse or other responsible staff member will conduct an intake interview with the client and/or family/significant other. Prior to starting all other client-care assignments, an in-person RN assessment will be conducted to establish a baseline of the client’s physical and functional status and identification of the level of services needed to meet client’s needs.

Develop Plan of Care

A&J Majestic Care RN will then develop a Plan of Care based on in-patient nursing assessment, prior to service, or in the case of patient discharged from a health care facility within 24 to 48 hours of the start service.

Delegation of Plan of Care

RN will review the Plan of Care with the assigned CHHA (Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aide). RN will delegate responsibilities to and supervise personal or assistive services provided by the CHHA. The CHHA assists the nurse by providing personal care and homemaker services. All CHHAs are meticulously chosen to perform the service with compassion, they have years of experience and extensive training.

We at A&J Majestic Care don’t promise but we deliver!!!

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